Saturday, October 30, 2010

People are Closed Minded

Many people today believe everything the government/media spoon feeds them without doing their own research into the topics at hand. This is one of the reasons that society is in the mess it is today simply because people are not acting as responsible adults involved in society but as brainwashed fools who think and act like it is cool to not care about world events. World events shape the world we live in. As an example the government of the USA used the 9/11 event to take away many of the public's basic civil liberties and privacy rights. But people do not do research into 9/11 to see why the government took their rights away and why they should be furious about it. Instead they believe that the government is justified in its actions and that their rights are not god given but malleable.

I firmly believe that people have rights and that these rights do not come into existence by some government or dictator but by the very essence of being human. And therefore no other human has the right to take them away from you, including the corporations we call governments. A government is just a corporation with a monopoly on the use of force in a society. That means the government can steal and assault whoever it wants and the people under its tyranny have no one to run to to protect them. I believe that if people just questioned the world and the power structures that run it, then this world would become a better place in such a short period if time we would all be amazed.


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