Monday, August 30, 2010

Modern Enslavement

Most people today believe that they are truly free, however this statement couldn't be further from the truth. This video shows in great detail the fallacy of this belief and exposes it so that we can understand it and be free.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Fall of America

America is an empire and all empires collapse. America in many ways resembles a new Rome. They have military dominance over most of the world and use bread and circuses to control their slaves/taxpayers.

Most people today understand that Americas economy and fiscal house could be in better shape. I mean having 13 trillion dollars worth of debt thats 309,000 for every family and 43,000 for every inhabitant is not a very healthy financial situation. Many economists are now predicting a full collapse of the american empire in as soon as 2-10 years depending on the person. In the near future the interest on americas debt will exceed its ability to make interest payments and this will either bring on a debt default or the U.S will go to its friend the federal reserve and ask for the FED to print some dollars and buy some U.S debt. Of course the FED will say yes and this will trigger an inflationary spiral that will leave the american dollar worth little more than toilet paper.

Here is a picture of Ben Bernanke dropping freshly printed dollars from a helicopter like he said he would do if ever he was confronted with a great depression scenario. Well guess what it's a great depression scenario and Bernanke has started buying U.S Treasuries (US DEBT). Therefore inflation isn't very far down the pipe.

Moon Hoax Conspiracy Theory

This conspiracy theory has been one of the most controversial conspiracies of the last 30 years that is why i am going to try to tackle it one step at a time. Jarrah White has made some excellent videos on youtube about this conspiracy theory and these videos are what led me to start questioning if man had really landed on the moon or not. Jarrah talked about the Van Allen Belts and how much radiation you would receive on a trip through them. Some scientists say without meters of shielding that an astronaut would surely die on his way to the moon.

Is it just me or do these three astronauts seem a bit uneasy at the apollo 11 press conference.

Here's the video of the three so called apollo astronauts answering the press' questions.

They seem pretty nervous to me. It is almost like someone is holding a gun to their childrens heads.