Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moon Hoax Conspiracy Theory

This conspiracy theory has been one of the most controversial conspiracies of the last 30 years that is why i am going to try to tackle it one step at a time. Jarrah White has made some excellent videos on youtube about this conspiracy theory and these videos are what led me to start questioning if man had really landed on the moon or not. Jarrah talked about the Van Allen Belts and how much radiation you would receive on a trip through them. Some scientists say without meters of shielding that an astronaut would surely die on his way to the moon.

Is it just me or do these three astronauts seem a bit uneasy at the apollo 11 press conference.

Here's the video of the three so called apollo astronauts answering the press' questions.

They seem pretty nervous to me. It is almost like someone is holding a gun to their childrens heads.

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  1. Are you serious? lulz.
    Yeaaaah, and the American government also did 9/11.

    1. If the government were that good at coverups, why do they seem so bad at everything else? If this IS true, then coverups are either the only thing they are exceptionally great at, or they are only playing dumb at every other aspect of the government.
    2. If this were true, and the government is covering it up, wouldn't they kill or silent you and all those who question it?